Northstar Mountain Village Resort

Our resort is just open ! Come and visit us..😀 Summer savings on Must book by June 26, 2020. Please call to reserve. Available dates: June 1 - October 12, 2020 *Based on availability, new bookings only* 7 NIGHT VACATION 2 Bedroom Condo - $1465 + tax (regular rate $2660 + tax) 3 Bedroom Condo - $1540 + [...]

Why do I love writing?

I love writing because I have a talent to do it . I would like to express my feelings and my opinion indirectly . It's tough you know. Sometimes it depends on my mood . Once my desires come to write, then I cannot stop writing. A lot of people don't like writing because it's difficult to look for the words related to what [...]

Don’t give up!

  Don’t give up! yes,  we shouldn’t because it always  seems impossible until it’s done - Nelson Mandela. Be the winner as  “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.” ―Vince Lombardi. Push yourself to keep going and don’t quit now because if you quit now and  you never know how close you are to succeed. In the end, [...]

How to stop people being bossy at work

  6 Tips  not to let people bossy you around 😀😇😉😔   You have to know what’s your job description. So you know what you should do! Keep yourself busy then  your co-worker won’t bother you to ask to do something! Helping your co-worker to get things done. That’s we called it ‘Team Work’ Speak [...]

Holiday Budget

  Let’s plan for Holiday Destination; where are you going? When? It will explain the periods or how long you need to save money. Vacation budget. For instance, I need a $7500. If you divide $7500 by 12, you need to save money $625 a month to hit that number in a year. Basic Holiday [...]