The Front Desk

I like to share my experience with you as a front desk that English becomes your second language. Can you imagine how hard it is? but it doesn’t mean, you cannot do that, can you? The language barrier won’t be a big deal because you always have been able to handle it by doing a lot of practice in reading, writing, listening, and conversation. The important is your experience as a front desk. It doesn’t matter which country that you come from. The basic task is the same for the front desk in the hotel, resort etc.

I have been working as a front desk for eleven months now in Canada and I am from Indonesia. It wasn’t easy though from the beginning, but my previous experience as a front desk really helped me a lot to learn this position quickly. I still worked in the same industry when I used to work in Indonesia, Tourism industry, but this time our service provided accommodation for skiers in the winter and golfer in the summer.

The first three months are the hardest part for me to learn ‘the language’ I really have to improve my English in reading, writing, conversation and listening. Studying English every day is ‘a must’ now because this position, then I have to support it. It takes time, but finally, I have been able to handle any impediment at work. My English got improved a lot.

My message for you,” if you like to work for a position as the same as in your home country, just apply to the position and don’t worry about the language barrier! you always can work on later and the most important is ” the experience ” no matter where you come from.

5 thoughts on “The Front Desk

  1. My best momment to improve my english had spoken english with you before I learned hard about the languange, which was very bad grammar and just intended you to understand what I said.

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