Why are you jealous?


Jealousy is a heart disease that every human has it. Ask yourself first,” why are you jealous?” Let’s find out and how to handle the jealousy.
For instance, I am jealous because they are smarter than me, they are rich and I am poor, they are successful and I am still struggling, my lover has a lot of friends to hang out and so on.
This is what you need to do !!
  1. Change your jealousy into an action in a positive way. For example, why they are smarter than you. Because they like to spend their time to read something useful and being knowledgeable. You are actually able to do that, right? so why not! try to do the same thing till you become as smart as them or even more.
  2. Now, you are jealous of your lover because he/she has a lot of friends to hang out. I know why you might be afraid of losing someone you love. You avoid not to get hurt. That’s normal. But, if you love someone then you need to trust them. Trust them if they are always loyal to you. “The trust’ will leave your mind in a peaceful because you always have a positive thinking. The positive thinking always ends with a happy ending,  no matter what happens.
  3. Jealous to think why other people get more successful than you? yes, you have a right to be jealous. But I like to build a relationship whom I am jealous, not to put them as an enemy because I like to learn from them how to get success just like them or even more successful than them.
  4. Face and fight your own fear! that’s the root of jealousy. You need the courage to do that. For example, you are afraid of losing someone you love, then you have to learn how to prepare yourself to lose them. They are not the only one that you love, you also have your family, friends still need to be loved.
  5. Keep in mind ‘Jealousy is showing your weakness’ not your power! People will respect you if you show them the power instead of the weakest.

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One thought on “Why are you jealous?

  1. I find that sometimes I get jealous of people who are doing things in life that I would want to be doing , Which is to say making money in a particular way or just even having a lot of people being interested in what you do which is to say making money in a particular way or just even having a lot of people being interested in what you do.

    When I realized about that situation is it doesn’t change the situation and what I am doing what I’m being jealous of that person is not being happy for that person. I should be happy for someone who is doing what they want to do and succeeding out it.

    So amend that just made me realize that I’m not in competition with them. It made me realize that I think the reason I get jealous of people is because I feel that it’s either them or me. And in actuality when I think about it, the Vemmer me attitude is just plain false. Thx

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