Before moving to another country

Let’s think about it before moving to another country. What is your reason and why? You must have a good reason because you need to take responsibility for all risk. A good thing and a bad thing could happen. If a bad thing happens, just remember you can always go home. 
I like to share my experience with you to move to another country. I am from Indonesia and moved to Canada in 2012. The reason I moved to Canada because I married a Canadian and decided to live there. I love a challenge then I go for it! I took a risk, left all my family and friends who I love behind and the job I like it. To be honest, I tried not to worry too much, I only think everything will be fine at the end. I just have to move now and see how it goes! I am ready to answer the challenge. No matter how hard it is.
Check this out what you need to prepare before moving to another country. In general, these steps can be applied to moving abroad for most countries.
  • Learn more about your country destination. I focus for in these categories to learn about Canada, The weather with 4 seasons, language depends on which area in Canada you want to live, Canada has two official languages English and French, the Food, the Culture, and the people. 
  • Pay off all the debts in your home country, credit Card, phones, etc.
  • All documents need to be ready to depend on your purpose. I am a spouse of a Canadian, so I bring all these documents:
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate if you’re married.
Education Certificate
All course certificates
All Work references
All awards certificates if you have any

Don’t forget all those documents, you can’t just go back to get it. You might ask your family to send it to you, but again.. it takes time and cost money to send it. 

  • All documents above are original and have to be translated into English or French. But again depends on which area you want to live in Canada.
  • Prepare all the paper works that you need to enter the country. A valid passport and Long-term visa, round trip flight tickets depends on what visa you’re using to enter the country. I am using my visitor visa at the time. An invitation letter from your sponsor/spouse with their info details. I put these asides when packing. I kept them in my shoulder bag as well as a cash as needed.
  • Don’t forget to buy a travel insurance and health insurance. For travel insurance, you can buy including with your flight ticket or separately as well as the health insurance.
  • Prepare the winter clothes; I just bought more jeans, long sleeves T-shirt, leggings and a thick couple socks. I didn’t buy the winter coat or jacket here in Indonesia due to the cost of fortune and quality material might not be the same in Canada. I asked my husband to prepare all for me from Canada.
  • Budgeting your expenses during traveling.
  • Bring it any supply of basic medication from your home you normally use; Allergy medication, Anti-diarrheal medication, Anti-motion sickness medication, Cold and flu medications, such as decongestants, cough suppressants or a throat lozenge, Pain and fever medication, Stomach and intestinal medication, such as antacids etc.
I might miss things, please add in a comment to make more comprehensive!

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