Everything Happens For A Reason

I believe you always hear this, Everything happens for a reason, no matter what. A bad thing or a good thing happens to own reason. If you’ve just had a bad thing to happen, you might not think why that happens. But you will find out when the time has passed. You will understand why it happens and in the end for all the best…
For instance, we always complain about missing the bus, the train or the plane because we can’t get in time to our destination. We feel miserable and disappointed for failing in business or not passing the test of the school or at the workplace. you feel a broken heart as your lover left you for no reason, and you only can blame yourself for that happened.

” Let’s find the reason why “

This what happened to the bus, the train or the plane that you missed it on the day. The bus actually had a terrible accident on the road, the train derailed due to collide with a herd of cattle and the plane crashed because of airspeed malfunction. How do you react now? “Oh, Thank God. I was not on those transportations at the day.”
For the business that you have failed of that’s actually the only temporary business and most people were no longer interested in it! so you could not make a profit off it. For the lover who left you, he or she was actually a player. They could not stay in the long-term relationship and they had no a goal in their life.
For all that happens to always have a reason and the reason for all the best in the end. Keep in mind and thanks for that!

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