Learn how to say ‘No’

Why are you worried about to say ‘No’ to people?  No’ is indicating a negative word. There is a lot of reason why people can’t say ‘No’:
  • afraid of losing a good relationship with a friend, family or co-workers.
  • afraid of hurting people feeling
  • afraid of feeling guilty and scared that no one will like you anymore. Why do you think about other people are more important than yourself? do you put other people first, then yours? That’s not fair…
Stand up and speak up for yourself now to say ‘No’ as well as to other people, showing them you have a limit and power to be accounted. ‘NO’ is a sign of your strength, not your weakness. 
  • ‘No’ to go to the party that you don’t like
  • No’ to help people all the time
  • No’ to drive when you have a feeling not want to drive.
  • Other ‘No’ to…(choose your own sentences)
Sometimes I feel relieved to say ‘No’ to people so they never ask you again something that you don’t like and they already knew the answer. People can’t take advantage of you anymore.

By saying ‘No’ to people means you’re building a wall around you, people can’t get in after you let them.

*Let’s start to say ‘NO’ now for something you need to say so.*




















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