Don’t be arrogant

Do we have any advantage to be arrogant to other people? People are being arrogant because they want to cover up their imperfection. They always feel insecure. If you are arrogant then you are sick! I bet, you will end up no friend, no family, so you are absolutely ALONE! these people always see themselves better than others, treat others inferior to them. They never feel all of us equal. They believe they are always right, but no one always right! nor you are the superior one. You don’t have all the skills to make you are the smartest one or having a lot of money to make you the richest one living in this world. If you still live in this world, then you are still poor. You still have to work to keep you survive, right?
Remember this!  no one like to be around arrogant people.
The few signs that you are arrogant
  1. Can’t take feedback because you think you are always right.
  2. Ignore other opinions. You feel you are always better than others.
  3. Always talk over others, you don’t listen and dominate a conversation.
  4. You never give credit to others when they achieve accomplishments because you don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ or appreciate what people have done to you.
  5. You always ask everyone’s ability to get a job done because you believe you the only one can get the job done. 
  6. You always think your time is more important than others. Going late to work is nothing to you and never feel embarrassed about it.
I believe you and I might have one of these signs, then we sometimes don’t realize that we become arrogant to other people. But most of us might realize to change attitude to be loved by others.








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