Are you a cheap person or a frugal person?


A cheap is a form of greedy. Being cheap or frugal are two different meanings.

If you have these signs, then you are a cheap person:

  1. Cheap person always thinks everything is overpriced. They complain prices all the time in a grocery store, Gas station or even in the second-hand store, etc. They think other people rip them off.
  2. They never want to pay up, all matters are the  price rather than quality.
  3. Sometime they risk their life to avoid spending any penny. A cheap person like breaking the rules all the time. They can steal stuff too, just to get everything is for free.
  4. They won’t  have any friends or family at the end, nobody will like them if they’re cheap because they will always expect other people to pay or treat them all the time, example for going to the restaurant or etc.
  5. They aren’t generous with their money for charity or helping other people’s life.

These signs below determines you are a frugal people:

  1. They love to save bucks, but they also don’t mind paying up if it’s worth.
  2. The price and the quality matters to them, so it’s not only about the price.
  3. They always find the way to save money for example they are collecting the coupons to make the product less expensive to buy. They repair things first  if it breaks before replace it.
  4. They like to go a few stores to compare the prices before buying the items what they needs and NOT they want!
  5. They are also generous to help people’s life with their money.

Now, you decide ,” YOU ARE A CHEAP OR  YOU ARE A FRUGAL.”





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