Save for a rainy day


My car had problems  last week, starting with the engine light car showed up. Something needed to be checked for sure! and that’s right, after it had been checked by Mechanic and Oh no.., the thermostats needed to be replaced for whole things I believed and I ended up having to spend $500 for my car to be repaired. So that’s why it took ages to heat up my car before I was off to work and I didn’t get any heat finally especially in the winter. I had to fix my car and  I didn’t have a choice. I needed it for work. But I didn’t need to worry about the money. Because I was always saving for ‘my auto repair’ which I put aside $50 per month and turns into $600 a year. Well, it’s worth now! I am ready for a rainy day.

Small saving always makes a big difference in the end. It doesn’t matter how much you save $10, $25, etc., but we must have a saving for each month. Our life is unpredictable. We just never know what will happen next. Let’s start to save for a rainy day.







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