Message for my friends

Hello friends, how are you? hope you are doing well likewise. I just want to remind you of these: I respect you as my friend  but I expect you do the same, I trust you but I try not to be naive. I always be careful to people who I trust and tell my secrets to. I am a GIVER, but I won’t allow myself to be used, I am  a LISTENER, but it doesn’t mean I have to lose my own voice. I will speak up if you cross the line or something I don’t agree with. YOU are my friend if you just listen, don’t judge and somehow makes everything all right. You will always tell me on my face what others sayings behind my back. You never stab me in the back, but you do poke me with straws. It’s too good to be true, “But some friends like clouds, when they disappear, it’s a beautiful day and others like a blue sky, stay clear and it doesn’t matter, I always need them in my life” 

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