Living Abroad


I have never dreamed of living abroad until I finally married a Canadian. Most people from your native land might think that your life is superb because you live overseas. They think, you might become aloof as people change. You might forget your home country or neglect your childhood, then they might think you have become a different person now. But, you shouldn’t be worrying about that. No one knows how the overseas real-life is, only they come and stay, furthermore experience themselves here. It’s not easy! you are alone then you have to fight for yourself.

The truth is living in a foreign land is harder than your native land! You have to be independent; however, if you’re prosperous in your homeland and there is no reason to move to another country, thus don’t move!. You rather stay in your native land or if you think that you will get better in financially by living overseas, so the answer is ‘No’. For instance, between Canada and Indonesia. You seem to make a lot more money in Canada than Indonesia. Yet, don’t wipe out! the life cost here is pricey 😔 For example, if you make $2000 per month in Canada is the same as twenty million rupiahs in Indonesia. For $2000 income per month, you can only have a basic life to live in Canada, the money just enough for paying a rent includes utilities and food, but in Indonesia you’re wealthy if your income is $2000 per month. You can survive for four months without working 😉.


In the end, I suggest you to ponder before you decide to move to a foreign country. That’s a big move! There are three mandatory to prepare ‘Money, Vitality and Knowledge’ and be ready for a challenge to keep learning new things and stay to think a positive 😀

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