Why go to private school?


After considering some factors of private school and public school, I’ve finally decided my daughter going to a private school for her first grade.

I have my point of view why I send my daughter to the private school. I myself never attended to any private schools because the schools were only for the upper class in the past. But, nowadays everyone can go to private schools at affordable prices.



There are 5 reasons to look into a private school:

  1. Small class sized. In smaller classes, each student gets noticed and gets personal attention, what they just need from their teacher. The teachers are encouraging them to take part in the discussion and express their opinions. 
  2. Learning is enhanced. Students learn more and faster. The teacher is able to perform students’ different learning styles and ensure that they stay engaged and understand what’s being taught. 
  3. The private school has extracurricular activities extended, such as:  gymnastics, skating, swimming, and climbing as well as the projects that emphasize to build confidence, independence and competence of their limited students.
  4. They have school hours just perfect with my working hours. The school starts at 8:00 and finish at 3:00. 
  5. Their After School Care program is amazing and it’s always available even for a last minute booking. Leave me a peace in mind. 
  6. The environment among students, parents and teachers are like a big Family.

In conclusion , the money we spend on tuition fees is worth it. You get what you pay for 😀

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