Holiday Budget


Let’s plan for Holiday

  • Destination; where are you going?
  • When? It will explain the periods or how long you need to save money.
  • Vacation budget. For instance, I need a $7500. If you divide $7500 by 12, you need to save money $625 a month to hit that number in a year.

Basic Holiday Expenses

    1. Round Trip  flight International and Domestic include Airport Taxes and extra baggages.
    2. Travel insurance for cancelation plan and medical plan or just one of them.
    3. The hotel transits round trip.
    4. Meals at the airport.
    5. Accommodation and food during your holiday to include hotels, motels or staying with family. 
    6. Holiday activities: sightseeing, diving, hiking etc.
    7. Emergency cost.
    8. Extra money for two months of bill payment before and after Holiday. Leaving you a peace of mind.

I might miss things, please leave a comment to make exhaustive

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