How to stop people being bossy at work


6 Tips  not to let people bossy you around 😀😇😉😔


  1. You have to know what’s your job description. So you know what you should do!
  2. Keep yourself busy then  your co-worker won’t bother you to ask to do something!
  3. Helping your co-worker to get things done. That’s we called it ‘Team Work’
  4. Speak up and stand up for yourself if people are still trying to ask you to do something and you think that you have done enough.
  5. People are being bossy because they are lazy to do what they should do and they like other people  to do theirs to cover their lazy-ass! Most happened all the time if you’re working in the kitchen 😀😀.
  6. Finally, don’t also forget this. Please always look at yourself in the big picture why your co-worker is being bossy to you? You are probably not doing what you should do or you don’t know what to do without showing your interest to learn or helping the task with your co-worker to get things done.

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