Why do I love writing?

I love writing because I have a talent to do it . I would like to express my feelings and my opinion indirectly . It’s tough you know. Sometimes it depends on my mood . Once my desires come to writethen I cannot stop writing. A lot of people don’t like writing because it’s difficult to look for the words related to what you want to compose. So I would say, “Writing is easier if we draft what we have just experienced.”  The words will come instantly and we can finally create a good story of it. It happens to me all the time. But, sometimes I cannot write likewise. I have no idea to pen because I do not have any words  in my mind. How hard, even just want to string one sentence up.


Writing is also able to improve my speaking skill in a reference to English is not my first language. I assume that It’s simply easier for me to manage what words to use while I communicate with others.  So, that is why writing everyday, it’s important for me. If I am absent from writing too long, it will affect my speaking skill. I definitely mess my words around and makes me nervous to convey something to people.

In the end, I am just lucky to be able to work here in Canada as a Front Desk Agent that I can efficiently develop my four basic skills in language such as reading, listening, writing and speaking. My English was very developed  at the workplace. 



























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