Let’s help others

I am raising money for helping the people who suffered from the flood disaster in Manado, one of the Indonesia’s provinces. I live in Canada and I open this donation from Canada because Facebook And GoFundMe doesn’t support one of this country, Indonesia. So, that’s why the currency in $CAD.

The Flood History; The first incident happened on Saturday, January 16th and the second one on Friday, January 22nd. Starting from the very heavy and continuous rainfall. It was rainfall that triggered the two largest rivers in the Manado area to overflow and caused terrible flooding and landslides. As a Qresult, 8 sub-districts were severely affected by this area. 

This money will be used for the people who have lost their homes, especially to help them buy food such as rice, noodles, sardines, cooking oil, baby food, diapers as well as medicine and other emergency equipment such as emergency tents, cooking utensils, electric generators, emergency lights, heavy equipment, blankets, and so on. 

Have you ever imagined if this disaster happened to your life? you have lost everything; no house, no job, no food, no clothes,etc..so that’s why any amount from you, really help that people to survive in a short time and thank you very much to the providers of flood disaster relief in Manado, Indonesia. I do appreciated. How grateful that you will be a donor or share…


Please check my donation page here:



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