My name is Rifqah. I am an Indonesian and have been living in Canada for 6 years now. I would say, “Canada is my second home.” I’m married to my Canadian’s husband and have one beautiful daughter.  She’s just started in the kindergarten since on September 4th, 2018. I have been working as a Front Desk in the ski hill resort and my husband has been working as a chef in the restaurant. We live in Kimberley, British Columbia. My life turns out well here as an Immigrant.
I have a few reasons for creating this blog. First of all, I love writing. I love to write about my personal experience, opinion or something interesting for my readers. secondly, I like to improve my English in writing. The English is my second language and needs to keep improving as well as on supporting my position as a Front Desk. It isn’t easy though I have to be able to handle the language barrier! Third, I love to share the ideas about anything and I need a feedback from the readers. I believe the feedback is important to me to get my blog enhanced better.
Finally, hope you enjoy my writing!