Northstar Mountain Village Resort

Our resort is just open ! Come and visit us..😀 Summer savings on Must book by June 26, 2020. Please call to reserve. Available dates: June 1 - October 12, 2020 *Based on availability, new bookings only* 7 NIGHT VACATION 2 Bedroom Condo - $1465 + tax (regular rate $2660 + tax) 3 Bedroom Condo - $1540 + [...]

How to stop people being bossy at work

  6 Tips  not to let people bossy you around 😀😇😉😔   You have to know what’s your job description. So you know what you should do! Keep yourself busy then  your co-worker won’t bother you to ask to do something! Helping your co-worker to get things done. That’s we called it ‘Team Work’ Speak [...]

Why go to private school?

  After considering some factors of private school and public school, I’ve finally decided my daughter going to a private school for her first grade. I have my point of view why I send my daughter to the private school. I myself never attended to any private schools because the schools were only for the [...]

Before moving to another country

Let's think about it before moving to another country. What is your reason and why? You must have a good reason because you need to take responsibility for all risk. A good thing and a bad thing could happen. If a bad thing happens, just remember you can always go home.  I like to share my experience [...]